Pan-Sussex Strategy for Domestic Abuse Accommodation and Support 2021-2024

What will Sussex local authorities do next

  1. Publish the draft Strategy for an eight-week public consultation from 25 October 2021 and evaluate the feedback prior to final publication.

  2. Domestic Abuse Accommodation Subgroup to meet monthly to develop action plans to support the Strategy and address the identified local and Pan-Sussex needs and implement provisions, which will include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  3. Taking into account the needs assessment findings and public consultation feedback, commence commissioning activity to deliver additional safe and supported accommodation options for Sussex utilising the 2021-22 ‘new burdens’ funding under s57(3) Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

  4. Incorporate the outcome of the government Spending Review’s future funding decision into the Pan-Sussex Strategy and Delivery Plan.

  5. Quarterly needs assessment data to be submitted to the Accommodation Sub-Group as part of the s57(1)(c) Domestic Abuse Act 2021 monitoring process.

  6. DA Accommodation Sub-Group to submit an implementation progress report to the Domestic Abuse Local Partnership Board quarterly meeting as part of the s57(1)(c) Domestic Abuse Act 2021 monitoring process.

  7. Publish the final Pan-Sussex Strategy by January 2022.

  8. Completion of an annual needs assessment refresher in conjunction with DLUCH reporting requirements under s59 Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (apart from in 2022).

  9. Review and refresh the Pan-Sussex implementation Strategy and Delivery Plan every three years.