Pan-Sussex Strategy for Domestic Abuse Accommodation and Support 2021-2024

Closing statement

Although funding has currently only been allocated to local authorities for one year, the government has committed to longer-term investment in domestic abuse safe accommodation and support. For this reason, the recommendations outlined in this Strategy will be delivered over a three-year period and needs reviewed in future refreshes.

This Strategy outlines the priorities and recommendations for domestic abuse accommodation and support. It represents a commitment that Sussex local authorities will consider and cater for the needs identified when making commissioning decisions around support provisions. The six strategic priorities should be used to ensure that future funding is spent in an inclusive, meaningful and sustainable way. Action plans alongside lived experience work are under development locally to guide the implementation, delivery and monitoring of the priorities and recommendations.

Thanks are extended to the various local and national stakeholders and professionals whose views and recommendations were vital to this process. We would like to thank the survivors of domestic abuse that generously shared their experiences and stories throughout the needs assessment process. Their suggestions formed the centre of this Strategy and their voices must be central in any future decision-making.

Sussex strives to be a safer place for everyone, where survivors feel believed, where funding for essential services is long-term and sustainable, and where everyone can access the support they need.