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The Police & Crime Commissioner has set aside some funding for local community groups that help reduce or prevent crime in Sussex. The Community Safety Fund has supported many such projects over the past few years, to the benefit of local people and neighbourhoods.  The Community Safety Fund provides financial support (grant awards of up to £5,000) to local organisations and projects that aim to reduce crime and improve community safety. Applications for the Community Safety Fund will be accepted up to three times a year.







Seems to be back on now
20 June 2020
A sensible businessman https://t.co/9Dfd46DMaR
20 June 2020
Powers cut in Mill Hill until approx 9.30am https://t.co/xE98RksVII
20 June 2020
RT @Barneteye: What would you most like to see improved in Mill Hill? https://t.co/Y2yB92oVDB Please spend five minutes helping us find out…
15 June 2020


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