Sussex PCC Colleague Survey – COVID-19

During the lockdown, we have had to find ways to work differently. Social (physical) distancing has meant that we have needed to work from home and do our work in a different way.
This may have provided opportunities for some of you to work in a way which provides a better work-life balance and suits both you and the organisation, while for others it may have caused additional stress and a blurring of lines between work and home.
This survey will form the first part of a series of engagement activities with you to learn from your experience as to how we improve home working conditions/considerations for future.

The survey seeks your views on the following three key areas:
Your working arrangements: How you feel about where and how you have been working; including the equipment and technology you have had access to.
Your support and wellbeing: How you feel about the support provided by your line manager, your senior leadership team, your colleagues and the organisation.
Your role: How you feel about being able to perform your role; this includes your substantive role and/or any other duties you may have taken on during the pandemic.
There are a mixture of questions, the majority of which are multiple choice giving a scale by which to rate your response. There are also a small number of free text questions within each section to obtain a deeper understanding of your situation.

Your participation is completely voluntary and all responses will be treated in confidence. We have tried to craft the questions so they will not identify any individual. Please remember you do not have to answer every question.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey and share your views.

Please complete by midnight on Monday 15 June 2020.






6. How much do you agree or disagree that the following items are fit for purpose for working in your current environment?
7. Whilst working from home/remotely do you:
8. What are the three biggest challenges that you are currently facing whilst working during the pandemic?
10. How you feel about the support provided by SMT during the pandemic.
11. How you feel about the support provided by your line manager during the pandemic.
13. How you feel about being able to perform your role.




17. How much do you agree or disagree with the statements below:




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