HMICFRS - Roads Policing Inspection

Before 2013 there were sustained reductions in road deaths in England and Wales. Since  then the number of road deaths has levelled off and there are signs of an upturn. Yet, HMICFRS found that the importance of roads policing has been in decline for some years. There has been less enforcement of drink/drug driving and not wearing seatbelts, with an increase in deaths attributed to these offences.

Roads policing has evolved from ‘traffic officers’ who were mainly focused on enforcement of road traffic legislation, and dealing with road traffic collisions, to a wider concept of policing the roads. This includes the use of roads policing resources to target criminals who use the road network for their criminal purpose.

In this inspection, HMICFRS examined how effectively the road network of England and Wales is policed. HMICFRS sought to establish:

  • are national and local roads policing strategies effective?;
  • does capability and capacity match demand?;
  • do the police engage effectively with the public and partners?; and
  • how well police officers are trained to deal with roads policing matters?

HMICFRS made 13 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of roads policing in England and Wales.

The report can be viewed here.

PCC's response

The PCC's response can be viewed here.