Sussex Police performance against the priorities, objectives and measures set out in the Police & Crime Plan are summarised below and are accurate as at 30 September 2017 (unless otherwise stated). Performance data will be updated as soon as is practicable every quarter.


1. Crime & Community Safety


Reduce the risk of crime per 1,000 population.


 Previous rolling year October 2015 – September 2016

Current rolling year October 2016 – September 2017 % Difference
Crimes per 1,000 population 59 66 + 11%


2. Public Confidence


Increase the reporting of domestic abuse, serious sexual offences, anti-social behaviour and hate crimes.

Crime types Previous performance plan year April – September 2016 Current performance plan year April – September 2017 % Difference
Domestic Abuse Crimes 6,102 7,311 + 20%
Serious Sexual Offences 1,295 1,611 + 24%
Anti-Social Behaviour Crimes 12,750 13,867 + 9%
Hate Crimes 1,176 1,243 + 6%


3. Victim Focus


Improve victim satisfaction in the overall experience of the criminal justice system.

Satisfaction area Previous reporting month June 2017 Current reporting month September 2017
Satisfaction with the whole experience 75.4% 74.5%


4. Value for Money


Working with Sussex Police and partners to meet the financial challenges ahead, whilst delivering Crime & Community Safety, Public Confidence & Victim Focus and identifying opportunities to improve.

Priority Sussex Police target Planned savings forecast Difference
Sussex Police planned savings for 2017/18 £11.262m £11.262m £0m


Compare Your Area

Compare Your Area

A new feature from the Home Office which has been made available on the crime mapping site
Performance & Accountability Meetings (PAMs)

Performance & Accountability Meetings (PAMs)

The Commissioner's monthly meeting with the Chief Constable.
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