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The Police & Crime Commissioner currently has two types of funding. The Safe Space Sussex Funding Network has been set up to assist the delivery of projects which support victims and witnesses of crime, while the Safer in Sussex Community Fund (SiSCF) assists community groups that help reduce or prevent crime in Sussex.

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Safer in Sussex Community Fund

The Police & Crime Commissioner has set aside some funding for local community groups that help reduce or prevent crime in Sussex. The Safer in Sussex Community Fund (SiSCF) has supported many such projects over the past few years, to the benefit of local people and neighbourhoods. The fund provides financial support (grant awards up to £5,000) to local organisations and projects that aim to reduce crime and improve community safety. Applications for SiSCF will be accepted three times a year.

How to apply

The fund is now OPEN until 5:00pm on Friday 11th February. Before applying please read the guidance criteria carefully to see whether the fund is right for you. Once you are ready please complete the application form and forward it to

If you have any questions please contact

Safe Space Sussex Funding Network

The Safe Space Sussex Funding Network has been specifically designed to ensure the services the Commissioner commissions for victims and witnesses of crime are the best they can be as promised in the Police & Crime Plan.

Providers who wish to apply for funding for victim/witness support services will need to sign up to the funding network which will act as an approved providers list.

How to sign up as an approved provider:

To sign up as an approved provider, providers must demonstrate certain levels of quality assurance (dependent on the upper-level of funding they will be looking to apply for) and confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions within the prospectus.

Signing up as an approved provider is a one-time process - should organisations wish to increase the upper-level of funding at a later date, an updated application to meet the QA will be required.

Once providers are signed up they will be able to bid into the competitive funding tranches when released.

For more information on the funding network and the terms and conditions applicable to providers who sign up, please read the Prospectus (Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C)

If you do wish to apply to the network please email


How to apply for funding:

The Safe Space Sussex Funding Network is CLOSED to funding applications.  

If you have any queries, please contact Micha at the email address above.

 Current providers on the Funding Network.

Successful applications

Safe Space Sussex Funding Network:

View a complete list of successful applications for 2018-2020.

A complete list of successful applications for 2020-2021 can be viewed here: Successful Funding Applications for 2020-2021

List of successful applications for 2021-2022 can be viewed here: Successful Funding Applications for 2021-2022.

Safer in Sussex Community Fund:

You can details of successful applications below:

The short film below highlights some of the projects that are already being supported by the Police & Crime Commissioner. In addition, you can see some more videos of projects that were successful in securing funding.

Further information

If you have any questions about grant funding from the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner please contact us.

Don’t forget, there may be other local grants that you can apply for. For more information,  please consult the external funding webpages at East Sussex County CouncilWest Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council.