Joint Audit Committee Members

The Joint Audit Committee provides independent assurance to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Chief Constable by scrutinising internal processes, spending and risk management policies. It also has the power to review finance issues referred by the PCC and the Chief Constable and monitor internal control processes, audit reports and the annual statements of accounts.

The Committee looks at the internal and external audit reports of both the PCC and Chief Constable and advises both of them according to good governance principles. It has oversight of general governance matters and provides comment on any new or amended PCC policies and strategies which cover financial risk and integrity.

Below you can find a list of members and a brief biography of each one.

David Rooke (Chair)

David is an experienced and versatile business professional. A qualified Chartered Accountant with an MBA degree and international experience, he has spent the majority of his career with private sector companies, holding senior level positions involving financial and project management and corporate governance. In the public sector he has experience both in Education and in Healthcare where he was Head of Internal Audit for several NHS Trusts.

David has chaired the Audit Committee and subsequently the governing body of a Further Education College and a branch of Citizens Advice. He was one of the initial members of the Independent Joint Audit Committee of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner & the Chief Constable of Sussex on its inception in 2013, and was elected as the first Chair of the Committee.  He aims to ensure that, through its work, the Committee adds value to the governance, risk management and assurance processes.   

Paul Burden

Paul is a Chartered Certified Accountant having worked for most of his career in the financial services sector, specializing in Internal Audit; holding senior IA roles in building societies, banks and an insurance company. His final role before retirement was working in prudential supervision at the Financial Services Authority/Bank of England (PRA) where he undertook the prudential supervision of various portfolios of building societies and banks. In this role he undertook the continuous assessment of capital and liquidity, credit risk management, governance, risk management framework and operational effectiveness of the firms within the respective portfolios. In addition, he led the supervisory assessment visits assessing the standard of governance as well as setting capital and liquidity requirements.    

As a career internal auditor, for many years he was active within his professional body, the ACCA, serving variously on the Internal Audit Sub-Committee, the Corporate Governance & Risk Management Committee and as chair of the Internal Audit Members Panel. At the Bank of England, he was the UK Deposit Takers subject matter expert on Internal Auditing, designing and running training sessions for prudential supervisors on the assessment of the effectiveness of Internal Audit functions.

Michael Heap

Michael Heap is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of AIG UK and, additionally, the Controller for the European AIG region with responsibility for all financial control and reporting matters. Previously, Michael was the Chief Financial Officer of Willis UK and has held senior financial positions at Aon, Swiss Re and General Electric. 

Professor Stephen Shute

Biography to follow

Daniel Worsley

Dan Worsley was appointed as CIPFA’s chief operating officer in July 2018. He is responsible for leading CIPFA’s advisory and consultancy services, as well as providing internal business support services.

Dan is a CIPFA-qualified accountant, and has over 15 years’ experience providing assurance and financial management services to the public sector, particularly central government. Dan trained at PwC, and after eight years with the firm, left to join the Civil Service where he worked as a senior civil servant as a deputy finance director and a deputy change director. Prior to joining CIPFA, Dan returned to professional services with a continued focus on central government and international development. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in French and History from the University of Nottingham, and is a strong advocate for public services, sound public financial management and value for money.

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