Precept survey results 2020/21

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Following the delayed Government's announcement on Wednesday 22nd January of the police funding settlement for 2020/21, the PCC was only given a week to consult on a rise in this year’s local precept (council tax) contribution.

This year's police funding survey sought the views of Sussex residents on raising the 2020/21 precept - the police element of council tax - by an average of £10 p.a. (for a Band D property).

The survey was publicised through the PCC's social media accounts, website and weekly newsletter, as well as to members of Sussex Neighbourhood Watch and local councils across the county.

The survey was open from 23 January to 30 January 2020 and a total of 6,489 responses were received. 66% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked “Do you support a 20p a week (average) increase in your police precept?” with the remaining 34% of respondents answering ‘No’.

Following the results of the survey, Mrs Bourne proposed a maximum permissible rise for an average Band D property allowed by the Government: £10. This was approved by the Sussex Police & Crime Panel at a publicly webcast meeting on Friday, 31 January 2020.

A list of FAQs about the precept can be viewed here.

The table below summarises the results to the question, "Do you support a 20p a week (average) increase in your police precept?", broken down by each of the districts within Sussex.

To account for any possible duplicate responses, a random 20% of the sample was analysed. Of these 1297 responses, 68% answered ‘Yes’ they support an increase in the police precept, with 32% answering ‘No’. This is in line with the overall findings.

Key facts:

The Precept is the amount you pay for policing in your Council Tax Bill

People in Sussex pay one of the lowest Precept levels in England- 33rd out of 37 police forces.

Current recruitment requires an additional £5.00 from the proposed £10 increase for an average Band D household.

There will also be 129 extra police officers funded by the Government’s national recruitment campaign.

Our early intervention programme, REBOOT has provided support to over 600 young people encouraging them to pursue positive activities and interests instead of crime and getting them back into school.

You can also read more in this year's precept leaflet

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