How we make decisions

Our decision making processes and how we keep a record of our decisions

It also includes information on some of our engagement and consultation activity with local people.

Schedule of meetings open to the public

To provide stronger and more transparent accountability of the police, the Sussex PCC webcasts her monthly Performance & Accountability Meetings with the Chief Constable.

You can find a list of public events which will be attended by the Commissioner and/or the office as part of her #TalkSussex programme 

Records of important decisions

The Police & Crime Commissioner makes a number of important decisions to do with policing and crime in Sussex.

View the decisions that the Commissioner has made so far.

Procedures, facts and analyses of facts used for decision-making

Information on our internal governance structure and decision making processes, including our Scheme of Delegations, can be found in our How We Work section.

Public consultations

The Police & Crime Commissioner regularly consults with the public to understand their concerns and issues on topical policing issues. To give the Commissioner your feedback please complete the form on our Have Your Say page. If you would like to get in touch about an issue which is not listed please email