Useful documents

Response Strategy

The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership Response Strategy sets out our plans for tackling serious violence in 2022-23. The strategy considers the progress made and lessons learned in the first three years of funding and indicates our key priorities for the year. 

These are:

  1. Individuals, organisations and communities to work together to address the underlying drivers of serious violence in Sussex
  2. Individuals, organisations and communities to work together to identify young people and vulnerable groups at risk from serious violence, and address the underlying risk factors
  3. Raise awareness of the impact and harm caused by serious violence and ensure communities and young people are given a voice, by listening, engaging and responding to their concerns

Delivery against these priorities is dependent on a number of areas of focus, which underpin our activity and provide the basis for our long-term sustainability:

  • Access, share and use data from all key partners to enhance insights and inform the strategy and operations of the VRP
  • Build a consistent process for community engagement and consultation
  • Invest in best-evidenced approaches to reducing serious violence and deliver high-quality evaluation programmes
  • Build a financially and culturally sustainable Violence Reduction Partnership

Outcomes Framework

The Outcomes Framework sets out a series of key outcomes and provides a guide for our partners in supporting a reduction in serious violence across Sussex.

Annual Report

Our second Annual Report provides an overview of the continuing partnership work in 2021-22, detailing the challenges and achievements in reducing serious violence in Sussex.

Evaluation Report

The Evaluation Report contributes to what is known about ‘what works’ in tackling serious violence.

We selected three projects to be evaluated, one in each of the spoke areas:

  • Brighton and Hove: Represent arts engagement project
  • East Sussex: MACE Family Key Work service
  • West Sussex: Schools Exclusion Programme

An independent consulting firm, BearingPoint, assessed the impact of each of these three projects on the young people taking part in them. 

Young people, their families, delivery teams, stakeholders and VRP Steering Group members all contributed their experiences to the evaluation.