Police & Crime Panel

Police & Crime Panel

The PCC is ultimately responsible to the Sussex electorate for their performance in office. However, a Police & Crime Panel (PCP) in each Force area has the power to scrutinise the PCC’s activities, including the ability to review the Police and Crime Plan and annual report, request PCC papers and call the PCC to public hearings. The PCP can also veto decisions on the local Council Tax precept and the appointment of a new Chief Constable. The Panel do not hold the police to account as that is the role of the elected PCC.

Key functions of the PCP

  • Review and challenge the Police & Crime Plan;
  • Make recommendations on the police precept;
  • Review and report on the PCC’s Annual Report;
  • Scrutinise key strategic decisions;
  • Review and have the power to veto Chief Constable appointments via a public confirmation hearing;
  • Review other senior appointments;
  • Carry out initial handling and informal resolution of complaints against the PCC and any Deputy PCC;
  • Make reports or recommendations to the PCC on the discharge of her functions; andPublish its reports and recommendations made.

The PCP is made up of representatives from all of the local authorities in the policing area (county, unitary, district and borough). It operates as a formal joint committee of the constituent authorities and each council in the force area has nominated a member to the panel (15 in Sussex). There are also two independent members on the Panel who are not Councillors.

The Panel has the power to suspend the PCC if charged with an imprisonable offence and may appoint an acting PCC should the PCC be incapacitated, disqualified, or should they resign.

What the PCP will not have

  • The ability to scrutinise the force or its work;
  • The ability to work with the PCC on decisions about funding and priorities;
  • Management or control of Community Safety Partnerships; or
  • Local police or community safety scrutiny.

Agendas, reports and minutes

Watch live

Meetings of the Police & Crime Panel are webcast live by East Sussex County Council. Recordings are available to view on the East Sussex CC microsite for six months after the meetings.