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Tune into our online TV channel and follow the views, thoughts and experiences of Katy Bourne in her role as Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. You can search and view these films by each Police & Crime Plan priority using the filters below. If you would like to suggest another topic for the PCC to discuss on film please contact us with your ideas. 

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One stalking survivor’s story (Six minute version)
"He would bombard me with messages, emails, any form of communication. I felt like I was under siege. I’d have to lock all my doors. He was turning up at all hours relentlessly ringing the bell, trying to kick the door in." The words of Naomi, who was stalked by her ex-partner. One in five women and one in ten men will experience stalking in their lifetime. It is a serious and life-altering crime that can cause psychological harm and lead to physical assault.
Restorative Justice Online
Restorative Justice (RJ) manager John Willett recently spoke to Splash FM about RJ in Sussex, and new information pages about it on the Safe:Space Sussex website
Hear how you can apply to become a Sussex Police Constable
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, explains to BBC Sussex presenter, Danny Pike, why Sussex Police have been able to open recruitment for up to 100 new officers for the first time in two years and why applicants from diverse communities and under-represented groups are welcome to apply. Listen and find out more if you want an incredibly challenging and rewarding job helping to keep Sussex safe.
#StopCSE: How is the work of CSE Analyst, Aimee, keeping Sussex children safe?
“Some of the emerging challenges we face include responding to new technologies that aid and assist child sexual exploitation (CSE) such as offences being streamed live online and 'sextortion'. In this video, CSE Analyst, Aimee Streeter, describes her intelligence-led role, the immediate risks and emerging challenges around CSE.
Paris attacks prompt questions over security implications for Sussex
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne will publically discuss the security implications for Sussex, following the recent attacks in Paris, at her monthly Performance & Accountability Meeting (PAM) with Chief Constable Giles York on Friday 20 November, 1-3pm. In an interview with Wave FM Mrs Bourne outlines the questions she will be putting to Mr York including what impact these kind of events have locally, both in terms of the demand on policing and in tackling any potential community tensions.
Restorative Justice: Repairing the Harm
“It doesn't change what happened but it’s a move in the right direction for everyone” A family is sharing their journey to finding closure following a burglary at their family home in Sussex. Watch Zoe and Andrew’s story and find out how restorative justice has led to positive communication between them and Ollie, the offender. The film has been released during International Restorative Justice Week, which sees criminal justice agencies across the world come together to raise awareness of restorative justice (RJ) and its positive outcomes on those affected by crime.
Restorative Justice Explained
John Willett, Strategic Restorative Justice Manager for Sussex explains the Restorative Justice process and how it can help those affected by crime to repair the harm.
Sussex is #NoPlaceForHate
Please note that as of December 2018 the Self Evident app is no longer available. You can find other help and support for hate crime here.
How much would you pay for policing in Sussex?
PCC Katy Bourne has launched a public consultation to see if residents are prepared to pay an additional amount through their Council Tax for policing in Sussex. Listen to this interview, broadcast on Spirit FM, to find out more about the investment proposals and how you can have your say.
Youth Commission’s Big Conversation Event (Full length version)
What do young people really think of the police? That was the question that was answered at the Sussex Youth Commission’s (SYC) ‘Big Conversation’ Conference at the American Express Community Stadium back in September. The SYC’s 38 members, aged 15 to 25, presented their findings and recommendations to over 150 guests that included Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, Chief Constable Giles York.
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