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Tune into our online TV channel and follow the views, thoughts and experiences of Katy Bourne in her role as Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. You can search and view these films by each Police & Crime Plan priority using the filters below. If you would like to suggest another topic for the PCC to discuss on film please contact us with your ideas. 

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Katy Bourne’s June Vlog
Do you want to know what your Commissioner's been up to during the last month? Find out with her June vlog filmed at the Eastbourne 999 show.
Self Evident Hate Crime app
If you're worried about hate crime download the Self Evident app today and help make Sussex #NoPlaceForHate - our intern, Ellie, explains how.
Sussex achieves the Restorative Justice Quality Mark
Restorative Justice (RJ) Manager John Willett explains what the newly achieved Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) means for victims in Sussex.
Katy Bourne pays tribute to Orlando victims
PCC Katy Bourne pays tribute to Orlando victims and pledges her continued support to the LGBTQI community.
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Sussex PCC Katy Bourne talks about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016 and why a new law protecting our elderly population from abuse is needed
Sussex Police’s summer domestic abuse campaign
Sussex PCC Katy Bourne discusses Op Wagtail, Sussex Police's summer domestic abuse campaign
Katy Bourne’s May Vlog
What has your PCC Katy Bourne been up to during her first month back in office? Find out with the first of her new monthly vlogs.
LISTEN: Help stop Child Sexual Exploitation in Sussex
Speaking to BBC Sussex presenter, Neil Pringle, PCC Katy Bourne, commends officers and the bravery of young victims following the successful conviction of two men for child sexual abuse (CSE) offences. Mrs Bourne encourages the public to recognise the signs of CSE and says, "we do not want a Rotherham in Sussex".
LISTEN: BBC Sussex interview about revenge porn
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, explains to BBC Sussex presenter, Neil Pringle, why she is concerned about the victims of an Eastbourne man who received a caution after posting revenge porn on a social media site. Also interviewed on the BBC Sussex Breakfast show are Detective Superintendent Nick May and Laura Higgins from the Family Online Safety Institute.
One stalking survivor’s story (One minute version)
"He would bombard me with messages, emails, any form of communication. I felt like I was under siege. I’d have to lock all my doors. He was turning up at all hours relentlessly ringing the bell, trying to kick the door in." The words of Naomi, who was stalked by her ex-partner. One in five women and one in ten men will experience stalking in their lifetime. It is a serious and life-altering crime that can cause psychological harm and lead to physical assault.
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