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Tune into our online TV channel and follow the views, thoughts and experiences of Katy Bourne in her role as Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. You can search and view these films by each Police & Crime Plan priority using the filters below. If you would like to suggest another topic for the PCC to discuss on film please contact us with your ideas. 

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Brighton & Hove vulnerable young witness suite opening
Funded by the PCC and the charity Bright Horizons Foundation for Children a newly refurbished vulnerable young witness suite opened in Brighton and Hove on 21st November. Hear why this facility is so important, and see the newly refurbished spaces.
Brighton Women's Centre 45th birthday celebrations
Earlier this week PCC Katy Bourne joined Brighton Women’s Centre for their 45th birthday celebrations. She spoke to Centre Director Lisa Dando to find out more about this important milestone.
REBOOT performance, April - September 2019
The latest performance date for the Sussex PCC's REBOOT programme
Don't suffer in silence. Whether it's verbal or physical, if someone's targeting you because of who you are, it's a crime. The stats reported in this video are for crimes reported to Sussex Police in the period September 2018 - October 2019
A Named PCSO in Every Local Community
PCC Katy Bourne has listened to the public and is delighted that, starting from next month, every community in Sussex will have a named PCSO
Find out more about the PCC’s REBOOT programme, and how many young people it’s helped so far
Six New Rural PCSOs
Sussex Police is training six new rural PCSOs to combat rural crime. These dedicated PCSOs are receiving specialist training to work in rural communities and combat the specific problems experienced there
Stalking Support - Dina’s Story
Dina is a survivor of domestic abuse and stalking. She’s been supported in her recovery journey by Veritas Justice, a specialised local stalking support service. Today PCC Katy Bourne presented them with £150,000 of additional funding to enable them to continue providing this vital service.
A tour of Hastings custody centre
Take a video tour of Hastings custody centre with PCC Katy Bourne ahead of its re-opening. The centre closed in October 2017 for essential work to improve safety conditions and will re-open for use in September 2019.
Meet some of the REBOOT coaches
Introducing you to some of the REBOOT coaches who are working with vulnerable young people across Sussex, diverting them away from criminality.
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