Sussex Police’s stop and search powers under the spotlight


WHAT: Monthly Performance & Accountability Meeting (PAM)

WHEN: Friday 19 June @ 13:00

WHERE: Watch live or in the archive here

SOCIAL MEDIA: Join the conversation on Twitter using #SusPolScrutiny

This week sees the return of Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne’s live streamed monthly Performance & Accountability Meetings (PAMs). 

This PAM will be the first with Jo Shiner as temporary Chief Constable, the PCC’s preferred candidate to lead the force following a recruitment process to nominate a successor to Giles York QPM (subject to confirmation by the Sussex Police and Crime Panel on 26 June).

Mrs Bourne has been continuing to hold the police to account during lockdown via remote video meetings and weekly performance updates. She has also held nearly 40 virtual focus groups with local councils. This has helped measure public confidence in Sussex Police’s operational response to the crisis and kept senior officers up to date with local resident’s feedback. 

Chief Constable Jo Shiner will be providing Mrs Bourne with a full update on the police’s response to the Covid crisis so far and how they have continued to deliver an effective police service to the residents of Sussex during lockdown. 

Following recent demonstrations to recognise the death of George Floyd in America,  Mrs Bourne will also be asking topical questions around the fair use of stop and search. 

Mrs Bourne comments; “I will be expecting Chief Constable Shiner to give a full update on how Sussex Police have responded so far to the Covid crisis. I will be posing questions around the challenges officers have faced in policing the lockdown and how they will navigate the Prime Minister’s five steps for easing these measures safely.

“Unsurprisingly, I have also received a lot of correspondence regarding the Black Lives Matter protests that have taken place across Sussex. 

“I know that our communities are rightly saddened and hurt by the displays of police brutality in America and want to campaign for change.

“The protests so far across our county were peaceful and, most importantly, safe and I have been very reassured by the way in which officers have policed them.

“Conversations have been sparked on the fairness of policing in our own communities. I will be posing questions around the proportionate and fair use of policing powers to the Chief Constable on Friday.

“I hope that this honest discussion will offer reassurance to local residents that, in Sussex, we will continue to strive for equality and justice.”

Other topics under discussion include:

• Domestic Abuse 

• Public contact and resilience

• Personal Protective Equipment and Expenditure 

The next PAM is on Friday 31 July, 13:00. 

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