PCC welcomes over £2m of extra funding for victims


Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, has secured an investment of £2.8 million from the Ministry of Justice to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

This additional funding over the next two years will be used by 17 organisations to increase local specialist victim support services with a particular focus on communities that are currently under-represented.

Members of the BAME and LGBTQ+ communities, along with older residents, those with multiple and complex needs and men and children will be provided with even more access to specialist support if they have experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse.

The range of support available includes: pro bono legal advice service for domestic abuse victims; one to one parent support; a sex workers outreach project; counselling and; multiple Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) and Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) who will offer confidential, victim-focused advice and support.

PCC Bourne said: “This extra funding is welcome news for all. The diversity of our communities is what makes Sussex such a fantastic place to live and work and I have been committed to ensuring that the needs of all are represented in the support services we fund.

“We know that victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence often experience legacy trauma that affects all aspects of their lives and even their wider families.

“This funding will allow us to expand on the amazing support services already available in Sussex, helping to ensure that help is available to those who need it.”

Local charity, Switchboard, in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex has received £134,340 for two IDVAs to support members of the LGBTQ+ communities who have suffered domestic violence.

Jacob Bayliss, CEO, is delighted at the prospect of being able to support even more people with this funding: “Switchboard have been supporting LGBTQ people since 1975, and we are extremely proud to be offering a domestic abuse service that is designed and delivered by and for our diverse communities. More than a quarter of gay, lesbian and bisexual people report domestic abuse and this is estimated to be even higher for trans and non-binary people, who are one of the most hidden groups of domestic abuse survivors. This funding ensures that we can be there for LGBTQ people who need us, and that LGBTQ people’s needs are met across all local domestic abuse services.”

Hersana is a local community interest company that has been awarded £230,904 from the funding pot for two IDVA’s to support those within the BAME community, with a focus on harmful practices that affect Black and Asian women.

CEO, Christabel Yeboah welcomes this funding boost, saying: “We know how Black women's experiences of gender-based violence differ from the experiences of other groups. There is still a significant gap in the country's understanding of how women and girls from specific communities disclose gender-based violence. This funding will enable us to create culturally specific, intersectional and trauma-informed safe spaces for Black women and girls in Sussex. We believe that safe spaces like our own can provide a sanctuary, a sacred space where we, Black women, can be ourselves, as we are. We can be confident in reporting our experiences, accessing holistic support services and being believed, empowered and supported on our journey to recovery."


The full list of local support services that will benefit from this funding:





Capa First Response

Capa First Response Online Support Platform

Support for those who have experienced child to parent abuse

PAN Sussex

Cats Protection

Paws Protect

Fostering service for pets of DA victims whilst they seek refuge

PAN Sussex

Counselling Plus Community


Counselling for SA/DV victims

East Sussex

Friends, Families and Travellers

Gypsy and Traveller Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support

Specialist support for victims of DA/SV in gypsy traveller communities

PAN Sussex

Innovating Minds

Healing Together

Trauma informed programme for children impacted by abuse

PAN Sussex


A Journey to Recovery

Specialist SV counselling and awareness campaign

West Sussex

My Sisters House

Stronger Futures

Women only DA service

West Sussex

Oasis Project

Complex Needs Support

Complex needs support practitioner for female DA victims who have multiple and complex needs

Brighton & Hove


Wellbeing Services

Flexible initial 1-2-1 support alongside high quality group interventions

Brighton & Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne

Streetlight UK

Specialist Sussex Support

Support for women in the sex worker industry, including those who have been exploited and within forced prostitution

East & West Sussex

Survivors Network


Groupwork support for survivors of sexual abuse

PAN Sussex

Survivors Network

Welcome Team

Welcome and assessment for each client entering sexual abuse service

PAN Sussex

The Daisy Chain Project

Pro bono legal advice

Volunteer programme and translation service to support more victims of DA

PAN Sussex

Worth Services

IDVA provision

Support for high risk victims of DA

West Sussex

YMCA Downslink Group


Specialist support for child sexual exploitation victims

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex


Children and Young People (CYP) ISVA

ISVA posts for children and young people up to 17 years old

West Sussex

Brighton Women’s Centre


IDVA post for those with complex needs with alignment to street community

East Sussex

Change Grow Live


2 IDVA posts for adults and 1 IDVA post for LGBTQ+ case work and team leading

East Sussex


Black, African, Minority Ethnic (BAME) IDVA

2 IDVA posts for those within BAME community, with a focus on harmful practices on Black and Asian women

PAN Sussex

Home Start East Sussex


1 IDVA post for children and young people up to 14 years old

East Sussex


Elderly IDVA

3 IDVA posts for elderly victims, also supporting those with disabilities

PAN Sussex

LGBT Switchboard


2 IDVA posts for those in the LGBTQ+ community

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex


Male support

Support for male victims

PAN Sussex

My Sisters House

Eastern European IDVA

IDVA post for Eastern European population

West Sussex -  Arun & Crawley

Safe in Sussex


IDVA post for LGBTQ+ community and IDVA post for BAME community

West Sussex

Sussex Community Development Association


IDVA post for BAME community

East Sussex

Survivors Network


ISVA for children and young people up to 17 years old PAN Sussex. ISVA with a focus in Brighton for LGBTQ+ community. ISVA for adults in West Sussex

PAN Sussex

Veritas Justice

Stalking IDVA

IDVA for stalking victims in domestic abuse context

PAN Sussex

Victim Support


IDVA for children and young people in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex. IDVA for adults in Brighton and Hove. IDVA in Brighton & Hove with a focus on modern slavery related DA and court advocacy

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Worth Services (West Sussex County Council)


IDVA for children and young people between 13-17 years old

West Sussex

YMCA Downslink Group


ISVA for children and young people up to 17 years old in East Sussex. ISVA for children and young people up to 17 years old in Brighton and Hove

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

The You Trust


IDVA for children and young people between 7-14 years old

West Sussex