PCC support drugs awareness campaign in Crawley


Following the success of the CrimeStoppers County Lines Awareness Campaign, Sussex Police in Crawley have requested the Advan visits the town centre on Monday and Wednesday to raise awareness of London drug gangs exploiting vulnerable people in the area.

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, will be joining CrimeStoppers and Sussex Police, at the Advan on Wednesday to talk to the public about this type of exploitation and show support for the campaign. She hopes this campaign will shed a light on the hidden network that is county lines and make the public feel safer and more confident in spotting the signs and knowing how to anonymously report.

County Lines is a network where drug dealers from London branch out to the coast to set up criminal 'franchises', targeting minors to be drug runners and taking over the homes of vulnerable people including those who have children at their base, a process the authorities call cuckooing.

Mrs Bourne said, "County lines gang activity and the associated violence, drug dealing and exploitation have a devastating impact on young people and vulnerable adults.

“It is understandable that residents in Crawley are concerned following recent incidents. I want to give them reassurance that Sussex Police is working with partners to disrupt the activities of organised crime in the area and encourage the continued help and support of the community.

“Local crime is often a direct result of major drug distribution via county lines and by standing together to raise awareness of this often hidden crime and taking the appropriate measures to combat, we are sending a clear message to drug gangs that they cannot expect to go undetected in Sussex.

“The police in the Crawley area have already made a number of arrests linked to this issue, but an increase in the collection of intelligence is needed to assist them in their understanding of the drug market and associated violence.”

To know how to spot the signs of county lines and to report anonymously visit: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/give-information/forms/give-information-anonymously.

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