PCC holds local policing discussion in East Grinstead


Last week, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Katy Bourne held a discussion on local policing in East Grinstead. It was an opportunity for residents to raise particular issues and the improvements they would like to see made.
Some of the topics discussed on the night included; anti-social behaviour, crime hotspots in the town, their lack of confidence in the 101 non-emergency number, and a general feeling of wanting to see more police officers and have a closer connection again with their local policing team.

Mrs Bourne comments, “I understand that the public feel safest when they see officers out and about in their communities, tackling the areas where they have the most concerns and creating a preventative presence. So, it is also understandable that there was some impatience from residents who want to see a visible difference from the new recruitment drive in Sussex, as well as frustration about the funding challenges that the public sector and other emergency services face.

“The Sussex Police budget is made up of two thirds government grant and one third which is raised locally through taxes. This meeting gave me an opportunity to assure residents that I have currently raised the maximum amount for policing locally and, along with other PCCs across the country, I am lobbying the government hard for more resources and a positive change in the funding structure for policing.

“I will be conducting a series of focus groups across Sussex over the coming weeks to get a deeper understanding of public levels of confidence and expectations of the service police should and could provide. This valuable feedback will help inform the policing priorities for next year.

“Although residents are pleased to hear that they will see 200 extra officers on the frontline over the next four years, they are already indicating that they would like even more. That’s why I will be opening a survey on my website next week to gauge potential support for raising more funding locally if the Government changes the current cap on the police precept.”

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