PCC comments on HMIC report into Sussex Police’s response to the funding challenge


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, has commented today on a report from HMIC into Sussex Police’s response to the funding challenge.

“I welcome HMIC’s input and scrutiny into the details around Sussex’s response to the funding challenges set in the last comprehensive spending review. I am pleased that the report shows areas where the Force is to be commended; 81% of people surveyed said they felt safer in Sussex compared to two years ago and, in the last year, the number of victims satisfied with the service provided by Sussex Police is well above the national average.

“However, I recognise that there are some issues highlighted by this report that are not so positive. Clearly the decline in response rates to emergency calls is unacceptable.

“I am not here to apologise for Sussex Police – my role is to hold the Chief Constable to account. I will be working with him over the coming months to tackle this and other issues head on and the public are able to view our monthly performance and accountability meetings online.

“It is also worth noting that Sussex remains a very low crime area and, despite facing a tougher financial challenge than most other Forces, crime has still fallen in Sussex for the eighth consecutive year.”

The HMIC report outlining Sussex Police’s response to the funding challenge can be downloaded here.

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