PCC comment on named community PCSOs


Sussex Police have announced today (10th October) that every community in Sussex will have a named PCSO starting from next month. 

Commenting on the news PCC Katy Bourne said: "My focus groups and conversations with local people clearly show that the public want PCSOs back in their communities, forming that essential and reassuring link with police.

"Neighbourhood Policing needed modernising five years ago and that included giving PCSOs the necessary skills to help support police officers and investigations.

Since then, Sussex Police have transformed PCSOs with more knowledge skills and powers, but at the same time keeping the best of the old model where PCSOs were known by their local communities.

"I know that communities across the county will be delighted to hear that Sussex Police are making their PCSOs more accessible and more visible by increasing the numbers on our streets by 100 and providing a named PCSO for each ward area."

Read more on the Sussex Police website.

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