New reception at joint Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service HQ is officially open


A new, welcoming and accessible reception area is now open at the joint Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service HQ in Lewes.

Moving the reception from the middle of Headquarters to this more logical front of site location means visitors can now arrive, park and attend reception without wandering unescorted across the site, improving security and public accessibility.

This new building has a reception area, security desks and two meeting rooms. It also includes privacy screens so people can talk to officers and staff in confidence.

Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner said: “It is certainly more logical to have the reception area as the first thing a member of the public sees as they approach police headquarters. It transforms this welcome point to a more accessible and inviting area for people who need to visit headquarters.

“By branding this reception area with both Sussex Police and Fire and Rescue crests, we also reiterate to the public that headquarters is a shared facility and that both emergency services are working closely together to make our communities safer.”

Chief Constable, Giles York comment: “The new reception block gives a professional welcome to all visitors to our joint site and I am delighted with all those who have worked hard to transform crumbling garages into a proud welcome to HQ.”

Dawn Whittaker, Chief Fire Officer for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has always enjoyed a close working relationship with Sussex Police. Since moving to a shared headquarters in Lewes in April of last year, joint working has been strengthened further with several new opportunities for collaboration now in place. The new reception facilities are symbolic of the commitment between our emergency services to visibly work together and collaborate for the benefit of the public.”

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