Home Office Serious Violence Lead praises PCC’s REBOOT programme


Today Nick Hunt, Serious Violence Lead for the Home Office, attended a REBOOT meeting at the PCC’s office in Sussex. He praised this unique scheme which is already working with nearly 400 vulnerable young people.

For the first time; the Police, NHS Partnership Trust, Youth Offending Service and local charities are working together to provide a referral pathway for young people who show early indicators of serious violence.

Now, if a vulnerable young person comes to the attention of Sussex Police stage one will see them referred into the REBOOT scheme. Once accepted, a PCSO visits their home to speak to the young person involved and their parent/guardian. The majority have not surpassed this stage.

If further problems do occur, the next stages will see them entered into the youth offending service and paired up with a youth coach paid for by the programme. The coach then actively engages the young person in activities of interest to them and moves them away from early negative behaviours they are exhibiting within the community.

Mr Hunt has been visiting schemes across the country that are working to tackle serious violence and criminality as its early stages. However, he welcomed the unique approach that REBOOT takes to this issue.

"I’m very encouraged about what I’ve heard today and it sounds like its working well and making a real difference already"

Sussex PCC Katy Bourne who leads the programme, comments: “I was pleased that Mr Hunt took the time to meet our REBOOT coaches and partners and get an update on how we are engaging positively with young people across the county to curb serious violence.

“Too often vulnerable young people become prime targets for organised crime groups. As a result, knife crime, drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour are starting to increase.

“Arresting young people isn’t necessarily the solution. So we must instead look at the bigger picture and work with partners to curb potential criminal behaviour at its early stages.

“This programme educates young people on the consequences of their actions and its approach works. I’d like to see this scheme rolled out nationally.”

For more information about REBOOT click here: https://www.sussex-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/reboot/

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