Find out more about the new Victims’ Code


A new Victim’s Code comes into effect today (Thursday 1 April) which will change how victims of crime are support by the police, courts and other criminal justice agencies moving forward.

All victims will be told what to expect at every stage of the justice system including, for the first time, their automatic right to be told when a perpetrator is due to leave prison. Victims of sexual violence will be able to choose the gender of their police interviewer and there will be clearer advice on when they can have their evidence pre-recorded ahead of a trial – rather than face the stress of cross-examination in front of a packed courtroom. Where an offender is a foreign national offender, victims will for the first time have the right to know when they are deported.

Today’s milestone will also pave the way for a new Victims’ Law, on which Ministers will consult this summer.  It seeks to underpin victims’ rights in legislation and ensure justice agencies are held to account for delivering them.

The Code brings together 12 overarching rights – outlining the minimum level of information and service victims can expect at every stage of the justice process.

You can read more about these rights on the Safe Space Sussex website here: Safe:Space Sussex - Victims Code of Practice

If you have been a victim of crime or know someone who has you can also find details of help and support available in your local area on this website.