Engagement is key to maintaining public confidence in policing


APCC Chair, Katy Bourne OBE said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners fully understand the impact that these massively disruptive measures are having on the public. We are rightly proud of our policing by consent model in this country and PCCs know that, in order for these measures to be truly effective, the police will need to maintain public confidence. That means calmly engaging, explaining and encouraging people to do the right thing, not being overzealous and only taking enforcement measures as a last resort.

“The current situation is unparalleled and it is vital that the right balance is struck. On behalf of the public, all PCCs will continue to support their Chief Constables whilst also holding them to account over how these powers are being used.

“Ultimately though, people understand that this is about protecting the NHS and saving lives. I want to thank all emergency services and frontline workers for the incredible work they are doing to keep us safe. We will, in turn, continue to play our part by staying at home to reduce the spread of this virus and cooperating as fully as possible with the new restrictions so as not to put unnecessary strain on our emergency services.”