Crime victims’ services to access £591k from Sussex PCC


15 specialist victims’ services gathered in the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s office in Lewes today to show how they can help adults and children cope and recover from crime, supported by nearly £600k of funding over two years.

Sara Jones, the PCC’s Head of Commissioning, explained the unique quality assurance and performance framework that underpins the Safe: Space Sussex Funding Network. This builds on the best practice of commissioning services over the past four years that ensures there are measurable outcomes for victims who need help and support.

Sara said; “The PCC and her office, with the help of every support service in this room, have designed the first consistent multi-agency quality assurance framework. The aim was to be able to monitor the benefits to victims, witnesses and the community across the county and ensure that the services the PCC commissions are the best they can be, as promised in the Police & Crime plan.”

The Kick Into Positive Action programme is run over 12 weeks by a female kickboxing coach. This uses non-contact kickboxing to re-empower women who’ve experienced violence or abuse and uses movement to help deal with internalised trauma.

Micky Richards from CGL (Change Grow Live) and Tiffany the coach said: “Imprints from the past can be transformed by having physical experiences that directly contradict the helplessness, rage, and collapse that are part of trauma, and thereby regaining self-mastery.”

Survivors Network presented their programme “Supporting the Supporter” which helps the family members of survivors of sexual violence.

The Daisy Chain Project provides court support and legal advice to those who have experienced domestic abuse and are going through civil, criminal or family courts and aims to train more lawyers to offer their services.

The Barnardo’s DICE Programme will work with the families of children who have been sexually exploited, or may be at risk. They recognise the help that families will need when somebody close to them has been abused or is increasingly vulnerable.

Closing the event, Sussex PCC Katy Bourne said “This is an event to say a huge thank-you to you all for taking the time to create such innovative projects to support victims of crime and their families across our county. Everyone’s priority in this room is to keep people safe and to help them cope and recover as best we can. I really feel like we now have a more intelligent way of ensuring we fulfil this priority, because we are now focused on supporting not just the victims but also their closest family members. By educating the families, we are in turn further helping the victim.”

Notes for editors

Notes for Editors:
The full list of programmes which will be supported by the PCC’s fund will be available on our website shortly. 

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