The Chairman of the outgoing Sussex Police Authority has welcomed the election of Katy Bourne as the new Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (SPCC). On 15 November 2012 the people of Sussex elected Katy Bourne to replace Sussex Police Authority to oversee policing and crime in Sussex on their behalf. Following the election the newly elected SPCC will take office on the 22 November, with the last day of the Police Authority being the 21 November.
Election Result
Katy Elizabeth Bourne has been elected the first, ever Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (SPCC). All the SPCC election results can be found on the Brighton & Hove City Council website
As the election draws nearer there is more and more news coverage both locally and nationally about Police & Crime Commissioners. In the next few days you can find out more about the election of PCCs both nationally and from the candidates in Sussex by tuning in to the following shows:Wednesday 7 Nov, 7.30pmBBC 1 - Nicky...
Candidates can request any publicly available information from Sussex Police or Sussex Police Authority as part of their campaign. Any information provided to a candidate is then uploaded onto this website for all to access.
The new Police & Commissioner has to appoint an Audit Committee of independent members soon after the election in November. The Committee will meet at least four times a year and will advise the Commissioner on good governance principles, scrutinise financial performance and oversee the financial reporting processes. We are seeking expressions of interest now so if...
On 23 October Victim Support will host a Question Time with the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Candidates
The Police and Crime Commissioner election notice has now been published. The election in Sussex, which will take place on 15 November, will be led and co-ordinated by the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO). The PARO for Sussex, appointed by the Secretary of State, is Lee Harris, Chief Executive of Crawley Borough Council. Brighton & Hove City...
The Home Office now live. You can sign up to an email alert that will be sent out when details of the candidates are available after the 26th October. You can also call 0800 1070708 to order the same information to be printed and posted to you.
The Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice, Damian Green, has written to Police Authorities about the Stage 2 Transfers, due to take place in March 2014. The letter explains the steps around this second transfer and alludes to how a PCC may wish to undertake this part of their role. To read the...
In his first speech as Policing Minister, Damian Green, has urged PCCs to consider hiring private firms to free up officers for frontline duties and to increase collaboration. Damian Green was speaking at the Police Superindendent’s Conference on 12 September. Read on to see the speech in full.
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