National Consultations

The PCC has an opportunity to respond to national consultations regarding policing and crime matters. Details of these consultations and the Commissioner’s responses can be found below.


The Home Office sought views on the introduction of mandatory reporting for Female Genital Mutilation.

The Committee on Standards in Public Life is responsible for monitoring and reporting on issues relating to the standards of conduct of all public office holders. The category of public office holder includes members of the police service, Police & Crime Commissioners and members of Police & Crime Panels. It is also within their remit to consider the accountability framework for policing in the context of ethical standards.

The Home Office sought views on establishing some criteria to inform future decisions on whether to mandate the police use of procurement frameworks.

The consultation sought the views of Police & Crime Commissioners in terms of using mandation frameworks, the suggested criteria for mandation and ideas for alternative criteria. The consultation also sought clarification around the extent to which forces are planning to use the new frameworks.

The Association of Police & Crime Commissioners (APCC) sought the views of Police & Crime Commissioners on possible changes that could be made to their tenure of office.

The Home Office sought views on whether the current law on domestic abuse needs to be strengthened to offer better protection to victims.

It was specifically focused on whether a specific offence, that captures patterns of coercive and controlling behaviour in intimate relationships, should be created in line with the Government’s non-statutory definition of domestic abuse.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) launched a consultation in relation to its new approach to assessing police force performance in England and Wales.

The Home Office is conducting a review of the way in which the Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS) is operated.

During her speech on police reform, delivered on 22 July 2014, the Home Secretary announced a review of the entire police complaints system, which will conclude in the Autumn. 

The Police & Crime Commissioner Integrity Working Group will host a stakeholder meeting in September with the Home Office, Independent Police Complaints Commission, College of Policing and Chief Officer leads to discuss the direction of the review.

The Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR) is a statement of the collective capabilities that police forces across England and Wales are expected to have in place to protect the public from cross-boundary national threats.

The What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, which is hosted by the College of Policing, sought the views on top priorities for the research and review programme in the coming year.

The Centre aims to ensure that everyone involved in crime reduction will have the evidence and tools to put ‘what works’ at the centre of the wider remit to reduce crime.